Egg is the new jackfruit

Vegan food trends move through the Internet at breakneck speed.

I remember when nobody in the UK had thought of using jackfruit as a pulled pork substitute but suddenly it was everywhere. Aquafaba is getting close to peak saturation as people find inventive ways to use chickpea water.

Yep, us vegans love a good food innovation and I predict the next huge thing that will have you all swapping recipes and Instagramming in a frenzy is fried egg.

I said eggs, people!

Making plant-based ingredients look like real eggs is all the rage and two UK food providers have got it down to an art form.

First up, check out this egg, bacon, cheese and beef burger made by hot food superstars Temple of Seitan.


There is realistic and then there is a FREAKING VEGAN EGG THAT LOOKS LIKE AN EGG!!!!!

Also contending for best imitation egg is the glorious Sgaia of Glasgow. Check out what they were recently serving up at a vegan festival in Scotland.


Wow. Sgaia know about food, alright.

Have you tried either of these groundbreaking fried egg variations in real life? What did you think? Look out for both companies serving their vegan fried egg at upcoming events around the UK.

Please post links for vegan egg recipes below so we can all get up to speed with this latest food fad.


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  1. I tried Sgaia’s at the Edinburgh Vegan Festival last weekend and it was an epic combo with their incredible ‘bacon’!! It was all I could do not to fall on my knees and beg for a box of them 😉

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