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Vegan in Vegas

Regular FGV reader Ari wanted to share her experiences of vegan food in Las Vegas.

Check it out!

On a trip to Fremont Street in downtown, we visited The Container Park (think UK’s box parks) to catch lunch at Simply Pure, a vegan semi-raw food joint. A menu by Stacey Dougan consists of tacos, wraps and grilled cheese. My hubbie and I went for the crowd favourite, Ultimate Sampler, because variety wins in my books and this eliminated my affliction of food envy. 

The Ultimate Sampler consisted of Zucchini Pasta Trio, Nacho Grande, Jicama Chili Cheese Fries and Asian ‘Chicken’ Lettuce-Wrapped Tacos. The Nachos Grande with ‘beef’ and ‘cheese’ (cashew sauce) was the stand out on the plate although all the sauces were good. I’m pretty sure I let out an mmmhhh after the first nacho. Courgetti is never one to get my eco-engine going but this was the best courgetti/zucchini pasta I’ve tasted. Usually my hopes of good courgetti are dashed with slime and blandness. None of that here!

Upon leaving the container park, something caught my eye… The sign outside gourmet hot dog, Cheffini’s, read ‘VEGAN’. Hello! It would have been rude to ignore.

See the 'vegan' on the chalkboard!

See the ‘vegan’ on the chalkboard? You might have to squint.

Of the many options of which they can make vegan, we had to choose something a bit simpler as the intention was to leave with a regular vegan dog to-go for an afternoon nosh. No funny business. However, ‘vegan Salchipapa’ (deep fried vegan hot dog bits served over french fries!) caught my eye at the final hurdle.

Vegan Salchipapa from Cheffinis

Vegan Salchipapa from Cheffinis

I choose the pineapple sauce (instead of the included signature sauce which has mayo). Excellent sauce choice for the dog and fries. If only there was more time to try their different creations and sauces… a good problem to have.

Other vegan haunts to visit if you’re in Las Vegas are:

Ronald’s Donuts – retro, basic shop a couple of miles from the strip with two vegan options – glazed and soy cream – on my visit (menu changes daily). Amazingly light, fresh and very tasty. 

Settebello – Italian chain restaurant with decent vegan options.

Buffet at the Wynn – delicious vegan options clearly marked and staff can identity dishes for you. The spring rolls will make you wonder if you can sneak any in your purse. Incidentally, since Steve Wynn went vegan he has ensured that all food outlets in the Wynn hotel/casino have good vegan options!

Thanks, Ari. Sounds like you had some fantastic eating experiences in Vegas.

Of course Ari only just scratched the surface of vegan food options in Las Vegas. If you are heading their for a visit, make sure you take a look at Happycow to find out everything plant-based on offer.

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