Vegan beauty’s where you find it

You all read the Clacton Gazette, right?


If you don’t, let me direct you to an article published this week about a vegan beauty parlour just launched in Colchester.


The article, in part, reads:

VEGANS wanting beauty treatments free of animal products can now indulge at a specialist Colchester boutique.

Dionne Bartlett, 32, opened the Garden of Eden Beauty, at the Lucky Rose Tattoo Clinic, to service other vegans stuck for places which use vegan-friendly cosmetics.

Miss Bartlett’s beauty room, on Eld Lane, provides everything from manicures to waxing and facials, using only cruelty-free ingredients.

The qualified beauty therapist has been vegan for 15 years and became a vegetarian aged seven.

Click here to read the full news article (photo above from original article).

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  1. Awesome,,
    Wish we had such a place in Birmingham.

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