New vegan café in Camden this week!

London. You are truly becoming a spoilt brat.

Do you remember reading about the drama vegan café Buttercream  Dreams was experiencing in Croydon. You can read about it here, but the short story is owner Lauren needed new premises and was going to have to leave Croydon and mover her business to central London if she couldn’t find something suitable.

She couldn’t find a venue. Sorry Croydon.

Lauren is now set to open the Camden version of Buttercream Dreams  at 126 Camden Road from Thursday 9th June, 2016. Yes, THIS week!


Before the café opens just steps away from Camden Road train station this Thursday, I wanted to share some of their tasty food photos with you.

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All of the above photos have been featured on the Buttercream Dreams Facebook page, which you should like NOW!

London, get along to support this new adventure for Lauren in Camden.

Croydon, all is not lost for you either.

Lauren has advised she will continue to keep doing a stall at the Surrey Street Market in Croydon and will keep looking for a suitable shop front. When she can find one, Buttercream Dreams will have two fabulous permanent locations.


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  1. That looks like a whole load of SEX!!!!! 😀

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