Vegan fry up to make you drool

Manchester, you lucky ducklings.

You already have so many fabulous places to eat vegan food and now this gorgeous fry up falls into your laps. Astounding.

It looks as though the vegans of Manchester have been working overtime to demand better options because non-vegan places are falling over themselves to stuff their menus with plant-based options.

The above photo show the vegan fry up being served by The Deaf Institute on Grosvenor Street in the city centre. You can grab a plate of homemade vegan sausage, potato cake, hash brown and baked beans from 4pm this Sunday (10 April, 2016) along with other items packed onto a newly-extended vegan menu.

This news has made me incredibly hungry. Sadly I am in Mexico City where the concept of a vegan fry up is nowhere to be found. I will take it as a grave personal insult if you do not try this plate of food on my behalf.

Follow The Deaf Institute on Instagram for more shots of their vegan items.

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  1. I start work on series 2 of No Offence in Manchester on Monday. All these new places to try. I’ve been ensconced in my native West Yorkshire for the past three years so really looking forward to all these Manc options. The true home of Morrissey has never seemed more appealing. P.S. I saw the first batch of non-vegan Jammie Dodgers got the shelves in Tesco today. Boo! At least the production line for vegan Bourbon Creams in Carlisle is back up and running. Burtons Biscuits…it’s your loss.

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