Vegetarian café ditches dairy – turns 100% vegan!

BIG NEWS. In the UK town of Leamington Spa, a café has decided to remove all dairy from its menu thus changing from vegetarian to 100% vegan.

This is my favourite type of news to share with you all.

The Garden Shed started out a year ago as a veggie cafe with about 4-5 cheese sandwich options. Owners Stephanie and Ruth never used eggs, dairy or cheese in their cooking or baking so it was a natural progression (which coincidentally followed their own lifestyle choices) to remove the cheese options one by one over the last year and replace them with vegan options. They make all of their own vegan cakes, vegan cheesecakes and vegan cheeses. They’ve even developed their own vegan sausage recipe, too.

I’m typing the word ‘vegan’ a lot in this blog post and I love it!

Stephanie and Ruth sent me a WHOLE bunch of photos to share with you. Check them out below and be sure to visit their website. Like The Garden Shed on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

FGV all day breakfast with homemade sausage FGV battenburg
FGV choc 'no' cheesecake FGV choc & peanut butter cake FGV choc bounty cake FGV choc orange cake FGV Hummingbird cake FGV lime & coconut FGV our front gate FGV Pizza slice with homemade moxxarella FGV Raspberry 'no' cheesecake FGV vegan cheese burger - supper club FGV vegan cheeseboard

Get to Leamington Spa in order to eat ALL of that and to thank Stephanie and Ruth for taking the big step to transform their business into a 100% vegan affair.

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