Boat race and baked potato

If for some reason you find yourself caught up in the drama of the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race this weekend (Sunday 27 March, 2016), you must ensure you take the time to stop in at the Old Ship W6 pub.

I’ve written about how vegan-friendly this pub is previously and the boat race weekend is going to be no exception.

Check out this GORGEOUS baked potato menu that will be available on the day.


Can you see the deliciousness on that menu? Have you been astounded by that unicorn potato riding a rainbow? Did you notice that the menu is 100% vegan? This is all too much!

I would definitely opt for a baked sweet potato with olive oil, smoked tofu, beetroot and spicy sweetcorn salad. How lovely would that be?

How would you combine the ingredients listed above to create your dream potato?

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