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TeenVGN office

has got to be one of the most valuable support groups in the country.

If you cast your mind back to when you where a teenager, it was probably fairly likely that you didn’t feel supported in a lot of what you thought, felt and believed in.

This is why TeenVGN is so vital. The group works hard to support and validate the choices of teenagers who wish to live a more compassionate life via their website where they host blogs, information links and a member forum.

TeenVGN is more than an online presence, however.They attend vegan festivals all over the UK, foster real life friendships and run an annual vegan Summer camp for young people.

Sounds like a valuable service, right?

So you won’t mind me asking you to push a few coins in the direction of TeenVGN to assist them in getting their own office space.

teenvgn office

Here is what TeenVGN say about needing an office:

On March 4th 2016, TeenVGN will have been running for three years, completely voluntarily and 100% not-for-profit! During this time the whole organisation has been run from our home, a terraced house in the Welsh valleys complete with four rescued cats & a dog too!

It has always been our dream to have our own TeenVGN office space, somewhere that we can keep our stock and merchandise, be more professional as an organisation and separate our work life from our home life, and this fundraiser could make that dream a reality!

TeenVGN has grown rapidly over the last 3 years, more than we could have ever hoped for and we’ve gone from just a few product samples in the house to a full range of merchandise, everything you could imagine to run a summer camp; freezers, fridges, products, banners, mini-mags and boxes EVERYWHERE! What started in the spare bedroom has spread throughout the house! (Check out the photos!)

We have found the perfect office space just a few miles from the house situated on a business estate. It comes fully refurbished with 24/7 security, electricity, water, heating, internet and a business address for all our deliveries! We can store our merchandise, camp equipment and set up a desk and merchandise packing area. We can be organised and professional and there is scope for us to have VGN Camp meetings on site. How wonderful does all that sound?

Luckily we live in South Wales so in comparison to other places, we think the rent is quite reasonable and we know with the generous donations from our supporters (some of which have been there since day one) we can raise enough to secure us this office space for a year.

When you think of all the amazing work this group does, the money they are asking for is peanuts.

You can help TeenVGN reach their fundraising target of £3,500 very quickly.

Donate now!

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