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Vegan-friendly brewery

Get your drinking trousers on. Norwich has a vegan-friendly brewery!


Redwell Brewing has the following to say about vegan beer on their website:

When talking to many people there seems to be a common concern with the vegetarian and vegan community – they seem to think they can’t drink beer due to many brewers using isinglass (the swim bladders of a fish) to clear their beers and make them bright, and therefore they avoid all beers just in case unless they know for certain that said beer is vegan.

Well, we’re happy to tell you that all of our craft beers including the Bullards cask ales that we revived last year don’t contain any animal by-products and are therefore safe for vegetarians and vegans to drink.

Get over to their website to read about stout, IPA and lager.

You can even subscribe to the Redwell Club where you can sign up for different bottles of their vegan beer each month.

Follow Redwell on Twitter and like their Facebook page. Tell your local you want to drink Redwell!

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