Vegan food from the TARDIS

Vegan food from the TARDIS

Would you, if you could, buy vegan food from the TARDIS?

Doctor Who fans, please remain calm with your arms inside the blog post at all times.

Over the past week or so, I have been hearing rumours and rumblings of a police box in Glasgow that had been turned into a micro café that was vegan-friendly.

I wasted no time in reaching out to owner/operator Laura to see if I could get a bit of info and a few photos to share with you.

Laura wanted you all to know the following:

I was looking to take on a small cafe for quite some time and after walking by the tired and neglected TARDIS box on a number of occasions, it suddenly struck me. I could give this 4x4ft box a new lease of life as well showcase my small cafe dream.

I managed to find out that the box was owned by a charity organisation called the Civil Defence Police Trust. This non-profit charity preserves and maintains these iconic structures within Glasgow. There are six of these 1929 Gilbert Mackenzie style structures around the city of Glasgow. Mine is listed and I have managed to complete the renovations without using a single screw to maintain the structure.

After speaking with the charity it was agreed that I could lease the box back in July and I spent months getting correct planning permission and started renovations in November.

I opened the doors on Monday 18th January.

My ethos is simple. Create eating options and give top class service to the people of Glasgow.

With our city being diverse in many ways this also reflects on our diets. People are becoming a lot more aware if what we are putting into our bodies weather it be a certain dietary requirement, vegan, eating clean or eating locally sourced.

I wanted to show Glasgow that this was possible, even from my 4x4ft space.

I have many vegan friends and have heard so many of them say how menus can be so disappointing with their unimaginative vegan versions. I wanted to have at least one vegan option a day for my customers. The ingredients are carefully selected and prepared. Each being sourced locally from green grocers and allotments. Any waste is dumped in my compost bin close to where I live.

I think it’s important to look after all of my customers and that means giving them these options. I worked in sales, retail and as a personal shopper and have years of experience of working with the public and delivering top class customer service. I want to relay this onto my customers.

Some of the vegan options available are:

  • Coconut and lime vegetable curry
  • Laksa with vegetable noodles
  • Sri Lankan peanut soup
  • Falafel snack boxes
  • Tuscan bean stew
  • Dhal with roasted vegetables
  • Beetroot humus and roasted veg sandwich
  • Vegetable smoked chili
  • Vegan cakes
  • Soya milk for hot drinks

I have a few loyal vegan customers already and have been asking what they think of the menu. They are delighted with it so far and are impressed that within such a small space I can still manage to have something for vegans.

Due to limited space I can normally only have three options per day (two usually being sandwiches) with one option always being vegan.

The food options are all £3 which is pretty affordable.

Thanks for the details, Laura.

OK. So we have a daily vegan option and soy milk. But what about these amazing photos of the TARDIS?

Image 2016-02-01 7Image 2016-02-01 3 Image 2016-02-01 5 Image 2016-02-01 6 IMG_20160114_163734 IMG_20160119_100504 IMG_20160124_205512 IMG_20160201_100635

Of course I would prefer my Time And Relative Dimension In Space craft to be fully vegan, but in the meantime, this is a pretty fucking awesome place to pick up a plant-based sandwich and coffee.

What do you think?

You can follow the Brew Box Coffee Company on Twitter and like their Facebook page.

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  1. Posting the address of the Tardis would be a very good move so we can find it. It looks as though it’s the Wilson St one – am I right?

    • I deliberately left the address off the blog post so people would make the effort to visit/like the social media accounts of the business in order to find out. It seemed to work, too. Laura told me the vegan options completely sold out by 1pm today!

      • You never even gave the name of the company so again people couldn’t find it. It was only because I know Glasgow that I managed to work out where it was.Would it have hurt to give some useful information?

      • Yes I did. The name of the company with a link to their Twitter page and Facebook page are at the bottom of the post. Their opening times and location are on their Facebook page. The Facebook page even has a little map showing you where it is. The Internet is wonderful!

      • Now I see it but I didn’t see it the first few times I looked at it.

      • No need to apologise. I enjoy people being unnecessarily obtuse to me in these comment sections. 😐

  2. I think its fantastic FGV and one more reason I need to visit Glasgow thanks for posting, enjoy all your posts (:-)

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