Cute cats and Mexican food

Cute cats and Mexican food

What’s not to love about Gatorta in Mexico City?

They give you delicious vegan versions of classic Mexican street food and serve it from a pop up stand featuring the cutest cartoon cat I’ve seen in a long while.

Check it out.

Gatorta signvegan torta two vegan torta Gatorta street food Gatorta menu cakes

For those readers who don’t speak Spanish, gato is the word for cat and torta is a Mexican sandwich (Gatorta… get it?!) typically filled with meats, lettuce and tomato.

This road side food stand also serves a solid selection of vegan cakes and like most street vendors, the prices are low.

If you are planning a trip to Mexico City in the future, follow Gatorta on their Facebook page to keep up with the latest news and menu developments.

Plus, you can also see all the rad cartoon cat animations they post!

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