Best vegan food in Europe

Best vegan food in Europe

Here it is, people.

It is time once again for one of my infamous FGV sweeping statements.

The following photos detail the best vegan food in Europe. Yes, that’s correct. The BEST vegan food in Europe.

Hold on tight.

Napfényes Étterem is a vegan restaurant located in the Hungarian capital, Budapest. Actually, Napfényes Étterem is a pair of restaurants in Budapest and I am yet to find better food anywhere in Europe.

The first run of photos is from the older of the two restaurants. Josh, Tony, Fernando and I were left speechless by the stunning array of dishes delivered to our table.

Scroll down to see steak fries with seitan and goulash sauce, fancy pastries, the huge platter for two, fried cheese cutlet, pizza, soup, and rose lemonade.

seitan potato cake slice choco cake slice platter for two vegan fried vegan cheese vegan pizza goulash soup rose lemonade

It was almost too good. We were beside ourselves with immense joy.

Josh and I made a follow up trip to the newer Napfényes Étterem location and I’m not ashamed to say I almost cried. This food moved me to almost-tears.

See the photographic evidence below.

menu napfenyes interior napfenyes restaurant and pastry shop seitan plate soup and fresh rolls steak fries vegan cakes vegan kiev vegan milkshake

What can I say that the photos don’t already convey?

Firstly, look at how beautiful the restaurant is, from the handsome dining room to the exterior nestled in the Budapest snow. It was a dreamscape.

Food highlights included the otherworldly seitan kiev, stuffed with gooey cheese and crusted to perfection. Those cakes have no peers. Josh and I drove each other loopy by repeating the same thing over and over: this is the best food we have been served in a very long time.

If you are looking for a European vaction in 2016, I implore you to visit Budapest. It is a truly stunning city that just happens to house the two best vegan restaurants in Europe.

You can visit Napfényes Étterem online and like the restaurant chain on Facebook.

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  2. The pictures look great. However I would say that the best vegan food is in Sheffield at Pure on Raw. It’s in a forlorn area but is only about a mile north-east of city centre and if in that part of the world you must go there. The food is simply delicious, colourful and healthy and quite inexpensive considering the quality. I had a three course take-away instead of the usual wedding dinner at the Leopold Hotel. The food from Pure on Raw was wonderful -look at my comments on TripAdvisor. So when you return to the UK you have a delight awaiting you and you must say which is best. In the meantime enjoy Mexico.

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