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Vegan wedding

I recently answered a letter, in my role as resident agony uncle for Vegan Life Magazine, about how to deal with non-vegan guests at a vegan wedding.

My suggestion to the concerned reader was to throw the sort of wedding they wanted to throw. If people love and care for you, they will respect your wishes and enjoy the event.

That is exactly what happened during the wedding of Els and Matt. Josh and I were thrilled to be a part of the special event and Els was more than happy for me to share how wonderful the celebration was with all of you.

Check it out. This is what a vegan wedding looks like.

The venue

Els and Matt chose a glorious setting for their wedding. The aged and atmospheric chapel known as The Asylum was stunningly decorated by wedding planner and caterer Rowena of V-Curious. Rowena took on all aspects of the celebration and, as you will see as you scroll through, she turned the building into a fairytale setting.chapel food and drink main hallThe food

Rowena and her V-Curious team created a vegan Mexican buffet that appealed to all tastes. Guests moved along the table, crafting their own plant-based tacos as they went.buffet condiments esquites guacamole menu board pineapple salsa rowenaThe drinks

A fabulous bar was set up in line with the buffet. Guests were encouraged to grab a Mason jar mug to decorate with a name label before filling with their drink of choice. The glass mugs also housed packs of Lego mini figures for guests to take home!drink bar fgv drink mini figuresThe cake

A cupcake bar was set up next to the bar. The photos speak for themselves!cupcake boardlemon cupcakes cherry cupcakes cookie cupcakesThe fine details

This wedding was gorgeous. Rowena and V-Curious covered all bases. A chalkboard at the front entrance explained to guests how many animals were saved by the vegan menu, the tables were decorated with fairy lights crammed into jars and revellers were invited to take a misfortune cookie as they scattered into the night.lives saved boardtable settingfarewell boardThe people getting married

Last but of course not least, Els and Matt. Much love to them for inviting us to be part of their celebration and for giving me permission to share these photos with my readers.

See! Vegan weddings are a thing and they can be fabulous.just marriedYou can find out about the catering services and supper clubs offered by Rowena and V-Curious on their website. You can also follow them on Twitter and like their Facebook page.

You can congratulate Els on Twitter.

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  1. Wow, that is the most awesomest wedding and the bride looks fantastic!!

  2. […] Extra note: in case you need a vegan connection to justify taking action, Matt is the partner of vegan chef and caterer Rowena of V-Curious. […]

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