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At least a few times a week I am asked to name my favourite, must-eat vegan dishes in London.

The list of food and drink I can’t live without in the capital changes now and again, but here is the current crop of things that make me go “Yummers!” in London.

Get ready to work your way through Fat Gay Vegan’s Top 13 Things to Consume in London.

This is number one for me and always has been. The Deluxe Falafel Wrap at Mr Falafel in Sheperds Bush Market. I dream of this thing. You can opt for a milder sauce but don’t let them forget the mango amba pickle sauce.

Getting my Wookiee on at Cookies & Scream in Camden. #vegan

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Bourbon toffee and cookie doughball #vegan shake.

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Cookies & Scream is too good to be true. The two delights I have included in my countdown visually speak for themselves in the photos above. These people are involved in sorcery and magic. I’m convinced.

A #vegan bread bowl made out of pizza dough, filled with garlic bread. I’m losing my mind!

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Many things impress at FED by water but I will never dine there without ordering the bread bowl. It is a bowl made from bread, filled with bread. The pizza bases at this restaurant are truly scrumptious, so why wouldn’t I want an edible bowl made of the stuff?

Beer battered cauliflower with sweet chilli sauce #vegan

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These beer battered cauliflower wings will make you wish you lived in The Old Ship W6. Cooked to perfection by this non-vegan pub in a vegan-dedicated fryer, this dish is perfection.

One of my favourite things to eat in London. The raw taco bowl at Juice Baby, Chelsea. #vegan

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Stunning raw #vegan caramel slice. Amazing!

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I don’t often find myself on King’s Road, Chelsea but when I do you can bet your Juicy Couture yoga outfit that I will be in Juice Baby with the above two items in front of me. There is nothing like that caramel slice anywhere else in London.

Breaking news: here is the brand new FGV Burger at Veg Bar! Like a Big Mac, except 100% compassionate. #vegan

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What needs to be said? FGV Burger, designed by me. Get it at Veg Bar, Brixton.

Amazing #vegan tiramisu at Just Fab in Shoreditch.

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Myra on the Just Fab vegan Italian double decker bus makes some truly marvellous food, but the vegan tiramisu is on another level. Make this a priority in your life.

This is almost too good to be on this list. It almost needs its own list. Buy the Full English Bowl at Cook Daily and you will be eating the best food in London. Now updated to include quinoa!

One of the best #vegan meals you will be served in the UK. Pad Thai at Home, Shoreditch. Fucking legendary.

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Brought to you by the same genius behind Cook Daily, the newly opened Home in Boxpark Shoreditch is serving London’s best Pad Thai. Get involved with this food.

Gorgeous #vegan burger at Black Cat #Hackney

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Everything Black Cat Café has been serving up over the past year is fabulous, but the current burger will knock your vegan socks right off. The best burger in London served by some of the nicest people in London? You got it!

Legendary London bakery Ms Cupcake will load you up with sugar real good, but if you can’t decide what to choose I would suggest their version of the Victoria Sponge cake. Gorgeous.

Hurry up and eat it all!

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  1. Based on your suggestions, I sought out many of these items while in London this past summer. All were worthy! Thanks, FGV.

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