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Sadness and happiness

Today was World Animal Day and I celebrated by teaming up with Fry’s Family Foods for a trip to Hugletts Wood Farm Animal Sanctuary.

I will post in much more detail and with many more photos in the coming days, but for now I want to share this photo before I head to bed.

Josh Priya

This is Radhe Priya walking alongside my partner Josh.

Radhe Priya was born completely sightless into a dairy farm where she was struggling to stay alive. Terrified and unable to manoeuvre to the feed within her cramped living quarters, time was running out for this heartbreakingly-beautiful cow.

Thankfully the kind people of Hugletts sanctuary gave Radhe Priya a safe, secure, loving and forever home and she was liberated from the dairy farm.

Today at the farm she rubbed her body gently against Josh and even though she cannot see, Radhe Priya followed him closely all around the paddock by using her senses of hearing and smell. It seemed like she never wanted Josh to leave her side.

I am devastated to think the happy ending for Radhe Priya is an uncommon rarity, but also thrilled for her. It was such a bittersweet experience.

I implore you to donate whatever you can to the special campaign I am running in conjunction with Fry’s Family FoodsWe need to raise funds to build a new fence and purchase security cameras that will allow animals like Radhe Priya to live their lives in peace and security.

We have raised over £1,000 of the £13,000 target.

Please give now and share this post widely.

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  1. I once met a blind chicken, who was being cared for by the mother of a friend. It was very touching, so I can imagine how Josh felt. She couldn’t even find food on the ground unaided, and my friend’s mother had developed techniques for helping her, like guiding her to a suitable container. It’s wonderful to have a lease of life for disabled animals that would otherwise be discriminated against.

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