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Leeds has some really great stirrings in relation to vegan food. I’m not about to declare it a vegan hotspot that you will be bowled over by, but the Northern city is certainly coming along leaps and bounds in recent years.

Check out this 100% vegan hummus and falafel cafe situated in the city centre.

Humpit in Leeds hummus bowl with mushrooms

Humpit is fabulous comfort food that you can have made to suit your tastes.

As you can see, I opted for a warm bowl of hummus topped with freshly cooked mushrooms. This dish was immensely satisfying.

The fab thing about Humpit in the Corn Exchange? No animal derived products anywhere on the menu. Every single thing is vegan.

Humpit can also be enjoyed from their pop up market stand that moves around the city or home delivered via Deliveroo.

You can visit Humpit online, like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

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