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I’ve met thousands of people during my time as FGV and very rarely do they turn out to be as friendly and fabulous as Chloe Coscarelli.

In case you don’t know, Chloe Coscarelli is a superstar vegan chef with an arsenal of plant-based recipes that could turn the head of any carnivore. I adore Chloe’s recipes and was beside myself with glee when I had the pleasure of hosting her family at London Vegan Drinks a few years back.

The latest news out of camp Coscarelli is the recent opening of a 100% vegan restaurant called by CHLOE, situated in the West Village district of Manhattan .

Keep scrolling to read my exclusive interview with Chloe about this exciting business development, her favourite items on her menu and if we can hope to welcome her back to the UK anytime soon.

Chloe Coscarelli 3

FGV: The menu at by CHLOE. is stunning. How involved were you with the creation of each menu item?

CC: Thank you so much. I was very involved in the creation – all of the dishes started from my recipes. During the creation process, it was important for us to make sure that there were options on the menu for everyone – many of our menu items are available gluten-free, if they aren’t already gluten free – including by CHLOE. cupcakes, cookies and my award-winning Raspberry Tiramisu Cupcakes.

If I could choose only three items during a visit to your restaurant, what would you recommend? Are there some signature items you feel best sum up the by CHLOE. experience?

Oh this is a hard one. Every item on that menu was put on there and perfected with love so it is hard to choose. Hmmm, a great meal for me would be my Sweet Potato Mac and Cheese with Shiitake Bacon, the Whiskey BBQ Sandwich with caramelized onions and an Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookie to finish off the meal. Yum!

Is this the first of a number of by CHLOE. locations planned in collaboration with ESquared Hospitality?

Who knows! We’ve only been open 2 weeks but so far everyone has been so welcoming to our new restaurant – we really feel at home in the West Village. But I’d love to expand to other cities eventually. Stay tuned!

When can we expect to see a recipe collection featuring by CHLOE. creations?

I don’t have anything planned yet but that is a great idea!

Finally, do you have any other news to share with my readers? A London visit on the horizon, perhaps?

I would love to come to London again. Maybe we can open a by CHLOE. across the pond! Then you and I can hang out more! Wishful thinking.

by CHLOE. Interior

by CHLOE. in NYC

Visit by CHLOE online, like the restaurant on Facebook and follow it on Twitter

Visit Chloe Coscarelli online, like her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter

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