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Food to your home

Some interesting emails wind up in my inbox, but not many as intriguing as the one I just got from this company called Give Kitchen.

Give Kitchen is a brand new business delivering ready to eat vegan meals to your home. Well actually, it is not just delivering vegan meals but rather entire 3-week long eating plans.

It sounds very familiar to the scheme launched by Beyoncé in North America a few months ago. Give Kitchen will deliver everything you need to eat vegan for 22 days. You simply need to heat it up and eat it.

The company sent me the follow photos that show the kind of meals on offer as part of the eating plan.

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An impressive factor of this program is the charity aspect. For every plant-based meal sold, one meal is donated to people in need.

I am fascinated by Give Kitchen and by what look to be well crafted, delicious meals.

The activist in me is saddened by the lack of compassionate language employed on the company website (apart from a short sentence saying you will reduce suffering to animals). I find it problematic that a service supplying 100% vegan food makes little mention of the ethical approach to veganism. The founders clearly state in this video their food plans are centred around the nutrition and health aspects of veganism.

Give Kitchen is an incredibly interesting development for vegan food service in the UK, I just wish the compassionate message was embedded more meaningfully in the sales pitch and was steered away from weight loss and personal appearance. I think people are ready for messages of doing the right thing.

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  1. Thanks so much for helping us to spread the GIVE word:)

    Here at GIVE we are all vegan, first and foremost because of animal rights and the impact that eating meat has upon our planet.

    Our mission is to provide fresh, vegan, plant based, organic food to both people who choose to eat a vegan diet for compassionate and ethical reasons and to make it accessible for those who are looking to cleanse and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

    For every purchase made, we also donate a fresh and nutritious meal to the homeless via our GIVE 2040 Foundation as we strive to end poverty and hunger by 2040.

    If our service stops someone from eating meat or dairy, for either reason, we’re happy to have helped save the unnecessary suffering an innocent animal, the planet or a person’s health, along with feeding the homeless.

    Thanks again, Team GIVE 🙂

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