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My favourite London burger

The days of thinking of Shoreditch as a wasteland overrun with hipsters and lacking in vegan food choices appear to be well and truly over.

Following on from my hysterical post yesterday about the best vegan food in London now being served in Shoreditch, I bring you even more news from the ultra trendy enclave.

My favourite vegan burger served in London now has a temporary pop up home smack bang on Shoreditch High Street.

Essential Vegan is a name known to most vegans in London. Vanessa Almeida enjoyed a pop up cafe for months on Portobello Road, has sold thousands of copies of her vegan cookbook and has been a regular food trader on Brick Lane.

Vanessa has mixed things up a bit and you can now find her trading every single day at Pump Shoreditch, a very cool undercover food market housed in an old petrol station on Shoreditch High Street.

Check out the fabulous food I purchased from her yesterday, including what is certainly my favourite vegan burger in the UK. You can’t go wrong with seitan steak and homemade vegan cheese!

essential vegan at pump shoreditch essential vegan burger shoreditch menu essential vegan burger shoreditch seitan white chocolate cheesecake with caramelGet along to Essential Vegan between 11am and 11pm everyday during June.


You can follow Essential Vegan on Twitter and Instagram.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Oh wow, that burger looks amazing!!!!!!!

  2. Looks fab! Did you get a chance to check out Huna Blends? x

  3. That looks like it’s worth tolerating the hipsters for !! yum 🙂

  4. Tried these earlier – absolutely delicious burgers & the cheesecake was perfect! They now hope to be there until end f August.

  5. Looks fab, but is it as good as the Red Veg burger was? I miss that burger 🙁

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