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Best in London

Sweeping statement time and this one completely swamps all previous grand statements, declarations and proclamations.

Today I was served the best vegan food I have ever been served in London.

Check it out.

CookDaily is a new vegan food outlet situated in Boxpark Shoreditch. The eatery serves a selection of delicious bowls packed solid with vegetables, proteins and flavour.

I am a super fan after just one visit.

front of Cook Daily Shoreditch boxpark

As I mentioned, the menu is an inventive and tempting range of meals in bowls. The names, descriptions and ingredients for each of these bowls put you in a difficult position. How do you choose just one? Coco Soup Bowl, The Hard Bowl, High Grade, Yoga Fire and Proper Ital all look like must-haves.

I opted for the Full English bowl which was a combination of rice, scrambled tofu, mushrooms, sausage, tomatoes and brown sauce.

I’m not fucking around here when I say this meal is one of the finest you will eat in the UK. This is what skill, talent and dedication tastes like. Exquisite.

full english bowl cook daily plantain chips cook daily

The photo sitting below my bowl shows a side order of juicy and sweet plantain chips.

Listen. I know I go on about a lot of places and spin crap about losing my mind over the food I’ve consumed, but CookDaily is on another level.

Remember when I didn’t list London in my top ten global vegan cities? Well, CookDaily is seriously making a case for placing the UK capital squarely on that list.

They know what they are doing with the ingredients. They do it to a standard nobody else is currently doing. Eat with them and be happy.

Follow King Cook Daily on Instagram.

Extra note: CookDaily will also sell you vegan beer and smoothies.

Boxpark is next door to Shoreditch High Street Overground Station. Make a left out of the station and you will see it on the corner. CookDaily is upstairs.

beer fest bottom banner

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  1. Looks like sex!!!! Can’t wait to go there!!!!!!!! 😀

  2. So I went and you never told a lie, I got the hard food bowl and boy was that the best vegan food I’ve had so far in London. no replication of anything, just a deliciously put together dish. boy am I happy.

  3. Simply put, the food at Cook Daily and Home is banging!

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