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Soho owl-less

Plans for the owl cafe have been abandoned in Soho.

I’m in somewhat of a celebratory mood but feel we must remain vigilant. The organiser of this event plans to move it to another location out of Central London.

The organiser is also in the process of launching a new app/social media platform, so it is understandable why some of us would be concerned about his true intentions. Is he using birds to build a user base for his app?

Some things to ponder.

annie website

locappy logoThe Annie the Owl pop up logo (on top) and the Locappy logo (below) are extremely similar. Is the intention to build goodwill for the app off the back of animals?

seb youtubeHere is a screenshot of Seb Lyall talking about the Locappy launch. Full video here.

seb press releaseHere is his name at the bottom of a press release for Annie the Owl pop up event, showing that the Locappy Seb is the same as Annie the Owl Seb.

It could appear to some people that Seb was trying to launch his app off the fuzzy affection the public have for owls. It is clear that he has attempted to showcase an owl cafe around the same time as the app launch, using almost identical graphics for both endeavours.

In my opinion, birds deserve a cruelty-free life without the payback of performance. People need to be taught to give a fuck without receiving anything in return. It would have been awesome if the Locappy launch happened and some funds were directed to owl welfare concerns without them expected to be adored in an inappropriate setting.

Bottom line: owls shouldn’t be exploited so an entrepreneur can launch a money making app (if that is the case here).

Keep a keen eye on Annie the Owl.

abruzzo bottom banner

Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Pooof. I am a locappy user. The app/tool was launched last year. The video you are posting is from last year. Wrong analysis. This article makes everyone who is signing the petition or is against it look stupid.

    • I think the analysis is valid regardless of how old the video is. Locappy has nothing close to mainstream relevance when compared to other platforms and hence I see a stunt like the owl cafe as a way to build interest in the app. I think the link is clear. My opinion voiced through my blog does not reflect badly on the tens of thousands of people who signed the petition. That is an antagonistic statement without merit.

    • The only person looking stupid is Seb Lyall. What the world needs is entrepreneurs with a conscience, and he clearly hasn’t got one. I have been spreading the word about the locally link and this dude’s ignorance with regards to animal welfare and managed to convince people to leave the service already.

  2. I love your site FGV but please stop bashing this guy for trying to develop a business and bring something new and interesting to London. They have changed the venue, removed alcohol from the equation and made the event more educational – there is nothing new or wrong about using one big event to develop a user base. It’s hard enough for entrepreneurs to start out as it is. To claim that the 6 owls that are usually used in much noisier spaces are being exploited for this event when there will be no more than 120 guests per night, in a large space, with dedicated handlers seems very unfair. There are much bigger examples of animal exploitation that need our attention and support rather than vehemently targeting an individual who is just trying to build a business and do something new and exciting without having thought through all of the potential issues to the full. The threats that the Barn Owl Centre have received are proof of the fact that some people have taken this far too far… 🙁

  3. Looks like you got it spot on. Seb shamelessly tried to push Annie ticket applicants to Locappy yesterday to artificially inflate the user base off the back of Annie. Disgusting. Well done fatgayvegan you called this one like a pro.

  4. Apparently this ‘venture’ is about to go ahead in an East London venue and is going to be discussed on today’s Jeremy Vine Show on Radio 2 at midday:http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-32212330

  5. Right – it’s was on from just after 12.30pm until 1pm, so do catch it on the Listen Again radio iPlayer.

    Seb Lyall came across poorly, as did the woman who is travelling all the way from Blackpool because she has seen owls lots of times before “but it’ll be interesting to see them at night” (ie in the natural surroundings of a brightly-lit bar). She made other comments such as “I’ve seen owls in worse conditions & no-one was protesting”; “it’s good because they are switching off the smoothie-maker” (to reduce the noise, so they are clearly looking after the owls okay!),,consistently arguing to the wrong point & with no understanding what animal welfare actually is.

    David Ramsden from the Barn Owl Trust & the falconer both made excellent points. Radio 2 Facebook is almost universally 100% against.

    Protest page & video of owl being distressed at the launch event last night here: https://www.facebook.com/events/708366552616389/731931370259907/

    I don’t think Jezza was very impressed, as, he laughed a lot at the closing comment from someone wanting to put a hipster is a cage at their local bar, as no-one has seen one of those in the flesh!

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