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Drink beer today

Are you up early on this fine Saturday morning with no idea how you can get the most out of life?

I have the answer.

Go to Leeds. Drink vegan beer. Eat vegan food. Yes, it’s time for the Homebrew Festival .

10991410_752458961516867_8822815211613334009_nI adore how the organisers state on the Facebook event page that the happening commences at midday and ‘will end when it ends’. Go with the flow!

The vegan beer line up is super impressive with lashings of IPA, stout and more. Check the beer menu below.

B-ximVPUYAAmVxZOf course there will be plenty of vegan food available, too.

Sounds like the perfect day out, Leeds. Go and support this fabulous event. If you are not too far away from the Northern city, make an effort to get over there.

Extra note: if you love vegan beer, don’t forget to pencil in the date for London Vegan Beer Fest 2015. Click here for details.

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