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Not vegan

Is this a world first?

I picked up a packet of sweets today, flipped it over and saw the words ‘suitable for vegetarians/vegans’. Great!

I could have stopped there and bought the packet of wickedly wild watermelon candy sticks but being the fussy vegan I am, I scanned the ingredients list.

First red flag? Beeswax. Second? Gelatine.

What the hell? I thought this was labelled suitable for vegans. I glanced back to where I thought I saw this much-loved phrase and was stunned to see it actually read “NOT suitable for vegetarians/vegans’.

Not suitable! L-O-fucking-L.

I have never in my career as a professional overeater seen a warning that a product is NOT suitable for vegans.

Have you?


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  1. Yes, the old party rings biscuits say “not suitable for vegetarians”. Fortunately as those go past the use by and the new ones are vegan that’ll soon be a thing of the past.

  2. One of the “Innocent” veg pots used to carry that warning – though I forget which one, and why, and can’t dig out a supporting reference. Normal service will be resumed shortly.

  3. Back in the day, cheap ice cream used to have a ‘not suitable for vegetarians’ label as it was made largely from animal fats.

    Not seen that in years though even when rooting through others’ freezers for something edible. Maybe a casualty of the BSE thing.

  4. I’ve seen it a few times, I think it was on those biscuits that are coffee flavoured. Morning coffee or something like that. It’s very weird.

  5. Yep, I remember seeing it on sweets before. I think it was in debenhams

  6. Goodness, let that be a reminder to us all to stay vigilant and have one’s reading glasses close at hand!

  7. I’ve seen products containing cheese labelled as “not suitable for vegetarians” if the cheese was made using animal rennet, but I don’t recall seeing any such labels referring to vegans specifically.

  8. co-op orange juice (the super-duper expensive one) had that on there with a paragraph explaining they couldn’t guarantee that wax or shellac hadn’t been used.
    Found it odd that their expensive one has that issue but not the cheap, mid priced and not from concentrate juices.

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