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Cheap vegan

Here is a game for us to play.

Is this the most inexpensive product you have ever seen with a vegan label?

fetch-UID-This jar carries the Sainsbury’s ‘vegan’ label on the reverse. I want to know if you have seen a product cheaper that is also labelled vegan.

Answers in the comments below. This will be fun!

Let’s get cheap.

Please note: the product needs to be labelled vegan for it to count.

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  1. Sainsbury’s Vegetable Soup, Basics 400g 30p

  2. Sainsbury’s Basics Vegetable Stock Cubes 10 x 10g, 25p

  3. Oh dear.. here we go. How about Sainsbury’s Basics lemondade, tinned mushy peas, carrots or potatoes – all 20p, Although, I’m sure there’s even cheaper elsewhere..

  4. Sainsbury’s Basics Instant Chicken Noodles. 25p

    • thats vegan? wow ive been missing out lol

  5. I love that sainsbury’s label their products suitable for vegans 🙂

  6. Aldi Instant Noodles 18p – various flavours (I think the veg curry, chow mein, chicken & BBQ beef are all marked vegan).

    Quite a few items in Sainsbury’s Basics 20p – 35p, mostly already mentioned – baked beans & spaghetti at 25p.

    • I think you might be winning with the Aldi noodles for 18p!

      • I’m guessing it’s cheating to mention post-Xmas bargains: I meant to say above that there have been loads of jars of Sainsbury’s Mincemeat at 5p for the small jars & 10p for the larger ones. Dunno if they’re all sold out yet.

      • None of those are vegan, as they contain milk powder !

  7. Can I be the first to question whether there is anything nutritious in any of these products? 🙂

    • Not sure ANYBODY would seriously need to ask that question!

      • I wish I lived near a Sainsbury!!! Haha

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