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Pizza Express

I think every vegan in the UK knows Pizza Express now offers a vegan, cheeseless pizza so I won’t go on about it for too long.

I popped into a nearby outlet (there are over 400 in the UK) to try the Pianta, the only pizza purposively made vegan by Pizza Express. The base is topped with spinach, chestnut mushrooms, pine kernels and artichokes, with a jumbo portion of fresh rocket piled on for good measure.

As all the doughs made by Pizza Express are vegan, I also indulged in a plate of dough balls with olive oil for dipping. I suggest stressing to your server how important it is the dough balls are brought to your table without the garlic butter.

My food was tasty and convenient.

20150117_202129 20150117_205256You can click here to read all about the Pizza Express considerations for vegans, including the fact they permit you to bring in your own vegan cheese for the kitchen to add to your order.

What do you think? Do you eat with Pizza Express often?

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. I quite liked it, but i always end up just asking for the following instead:

    Romana (No Cheese)
    – Roasted Tomato
    – Spinach
    – Pine kernels
    – Fresh basil
    – Garlic oil

  2. I often go to Pizza Express if I’m out and about and in of a feed. I’ve always been really impressed with their pizza range, even more so now they’ve gone that one step further for us vegans and created a delicious pizza just for us!

    I’ve tried the Pianta and really enjoyed it. My boyfriend has taken his own vegan cheese in (though I’m not a fan) and they were only too happy to put it on his pizza – though it does have to be a new unopened packet, and as we didn’t receive anything back, I’m pretty sure they used the whole thing?!

    I’ve always found them to be very willing to remove the cheese from any of their veggies pizzas too and they always seem to be adding different varieties.

  3. Dude, that info about taking your own cheese is gold. Need to take some MozzaRisella in!

  4. I eat there quite often as it’s a favourite place for our kids. Pizza express do a vegan desert too. In the form of a raspberry sorbet…. Maybe your next mission should be to get the chain restaurants to provide more than just sorbet as a desert for vegans/dairy free people. Something a bit more decadent and/or calorific. It can’t be that hard surely?!

  5. I love Pizza Express and I’ve been using them with the Orange Wednesday cinema offer where you get 2 for 1 on pizzas and mains with free portion of dough balls!

  6. Thanks for the review. I am a huge fan of Pizza Express, because pizza is one of my and my husbands favourite foods and the food consistency is pretty spot on wherever you go. Prior to the Pianta being introduced I would ask for various of the pizzas without cheese but an additional topping, but have to say the Pianta is excellent too as are the dough balls with oil. Wherever we travel we go to Pizza Express so have dined from Edinburgh down to London and everywhere in between even in Gibraltar and always good pizza which I think for a chain are pretty hard to beat. And if anyone visits Falmouth you must visit the Pizza Express it has some of the most awesome views across the sea, its fabulous.

  7. I picked off all the spinach on mine (soggy mess) but the rest was good. Prefer to just pick my own toppings, though once or twice chunks of meet have accidentally made their way onto my pizza and I’ve had to return it 🙁

  8. I always have the Giardiniera pizza on a Romano base with no pesto, no cheese with rocket & red chilli added. Top meal. I don’t think any cheese/cheeze would improve it.

  9. And off course I meant “meat” not “meet”

  10. Pizza Express are currently running a competition to design a new pizza: http://www.createyournewfavourite.com/. Wouldn’t it be great if loads of vegan recipes were submitted?

    Also, each entry wins free dough balls (easily veganised & nice with the chilli oil).

  11. I fucking love Pizza Express! My special rainy day treat is the Pianta.

  12. Adore this pizza!!

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