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Vöner is lovely

It occurred to me that I never got around to sharing all my Berlin memories.

Delicious memories, like this…

Vöner is a glorious cafe in the Friedrichshain district of Berlin, serving 100% vegan comfort food. Our order was the stuff of FGV dreams.

Check out the photos.

20141014_143922 20141014_143929 20141014_143946 20141014_150303My burger (shown first) was absolutely dripping in burger sauce, while Josh’s döner kebab featured freshly-sliced seitan taken from the instore kebab rotisserie. We were as happy as giddy goannas.

Surely the crowning glory of Vöner has to be the special fries. Nobody has ever served me a plate of potato quite like this. The biggest regret of my life (yes, really) was discovering this dish on my final day in the city. I want to eat it always.

Go to Berlin. Eat everything at Vöner. Tell them I love them.

Like Vöner on Facebook.

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  1. I read somewhere that Berlin should be the vegan capital of the world. I’m planning a trip there in 2015!

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