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Eat vegan with non-vegans

My partner Josh is climbing on board the blogging train today to give you some advice on where to go in central London when faced with dining companions who flatly refuse to go to an entirely vegan restaurant.

Thanks, Josh. Love you. xx

This is the time of year when many vegans (and I imagine other people who follow ’special’ diets) have to begrudgingly attend work dinners where the restaurant will begrudgingly accommodate their dietary requirements. Last week I attended one such function at Jamie’s Italian in Covent Garden and was quite underwhelmed by the food provided. The worst aspect in these situations is not so much the lack of a decent feed, but rather the looks of pity and bemusement from your colleagues who, when seeing your food, either turn away embarrassed for you or will make some inane comment about ‘vegans’ or ‘rabbit food’ etc. You know the score.

But this blog is not about Jamie’s Italian but rather an omnivorous Mexican restaurant called Mestizo. FGV has blogged about Mestizo before but after my recent work function, I reminisced about another work meal I had there last year where the experience could not have been more different. Mestizo has a separate vegan menu which is available online and upon request during your visit. One of the owners – the brilliant Marysol – goes to to great effort to make vegans feel included at the restaurant. Authentic Mexican food (not the Tex-Mex stuff) is so easy to do vegan and Mestizo really get it right. Get ready to salivate and check out the photos of the incredible Vegan Taco Tray that I shared at that meal. A supply of fragrant warm corn tortillas were provided (and refilled when needed) for me to make my own delicious tacos from the bountiful and beautifully-presented fillings including fresh guacamole, spiced black beans, sautéed nopales (cactus), courgette flowers, onions, mushrooms and various salsas. It was a stunning selection and one of the most memorable meals I’ve had in London. I didn’t have room at the time, but on previous visits to Mestizo I’ve enjoyed their delicious vegan dessert tamales and sorbets. My meal was topped off with a delicious glass of Agua de Jamaica (a sweet drink made from hibiscus flowers).

So next time your office starts planning a restaurant visit, remember Mestizo! They have vegan, gluten-free, nut-free and lactose-free menus so should be able to accommodate most dietary requirements. Not only that, but they do it with style!




IMG_1302Thanks, Josh.

The taco tray is one of my favourite things to order at Mestizo. I am also keen on their huge range of tequilas and delicious cocktails.

You can visit Mestizo online and follow them on Twitter.


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  1. I went to Mestizo on a Sunday when they have their buffet. There were very few vegan options and when I asked about this, they kindly made me several dishes especially. Nothing was too much trouble. What a great place.

  2. What type of fat do they use for the Tamales?

  3. Sounds like a dream, our office do is tomorrow in a place that will not only be begrudgingly accommodating but also serving foie gras.

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