Delicious vegan pizza

Yesterday was a pivotal moment in the shaping my view of eating out in central London.

Why? Pizza!

There are a few things needed to keep me a happy and successful FGV. Beer is one of them. Potato is another. I couldn’t get by without vegan ice cream. And of course, pizza.

I was strolling along Carnaby Street with Sara yesterday when we popped into Kingly Court. My main motivation was to check if vegetarian cooking school and cafe Sutra Kitchen is still trading (it isn’t) but I was very quickly distracted by the gorgeous Pizza Pilgrims restaurant.

Several people have mentioned Pizza Pilgrims to me recently, telling me I need to get the marinara pizza if I want to be happy. You know what? They were all correct.

The marinara pizza is handcrafted perfection.

The crust is exactly how you’d expect a genuine pizza crust to be. Chewy, crunchy around the edges and near impossible to stop eating. Add the piping hot tomato, oregano, fresh garlic, basil and olive oil for a classic that was instantly one of the best pizzas I have eaten. The price tag of £5 was even more reason to celebrate.

Visit Pizza Pilgrims online to see both central London locations and follow them on Twitter.

This photo originally appeared on my Instagram feed.

Please note: Pizza Pilgrims is not a vegan restaurant.

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  1. Always on the lookout for vegan pizza – thanks for the tip!

  2. Thanks for the tip 😀

  3. I know you love Leather Lane – did you know they have a little van at the market there? It’s a veritable vegan paradise for a week-day city market

  4. Thanks for the heads-up:I was nearby on Wed & needed some lunch at 2pm, so grabbed a pizza there. Adding portobello mushrooms & fresh chilli it came to £6.50. A nice cosy place to eat & read my book on a freezing day.

    Just be careful to double-check with staff – they told me that: some weeks the dough for the bases contains dairy, so it won’t be possible to eat vegan there!

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