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Vegan Diva

Need proof that veganism is on the rise?

Check this out.

One of the leading lesbian publications on the planet, Diva, features a monthly page dedicated to skincare and personal products. Readers of the magazine will find details of lip balms, shampoos, face scrubs and more.

Not so revolutionary for a magazine in 2014 to showcase this sort of thing, I know. But there is something special about the Diva Queer Grooming column.

Every single item on the page is suitable for vegans. How cool is that?!

Editor Jane Czyzselska told me it was her decision to make sure only animal-friendly products are ever featured on this page. Jane is dedicated to promoting compassionate choices when she can through the magazine and the grooming page is the perfect platform.

You can see the latest example of the column below and make sure you check out Diva online, on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.


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