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Express chocolate

I was racing through Piccadilly Circus Underground station a few days back when my greedy sensibilities got a pleasant shock.

Gorgeous chocolate shop chain Hotel Chocolat now have a mini outlet on the station concourse!

I have written about the many vegan suitable items created and sold by Hotel Chocolat and how over-the-top helpful the workers are when you ask about treats free from animal ingredients. You can read my original blog post here.

The new location inside Piccadilly Circus station is tiny. Check out the photo below and what you see is what you get. It is miniature. The staffer smiling for my shot was excited that I was excited, telling me the store had been opened for the first time ever only half an hour before I snapped the shot.

hotel chocolat piccadillyBuying vegan chocolate on the run in London. I love it!

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  1. I love that place!!! I always like to snag a chocolate log, but now I have been told that they have 2 packs of vegan truffles. One is a rose and violet creme and one is a more traditional chocolate truffle (which I haven’t tasted yet as they had sold out of it!)

  2. All we need now is Mini Express Ms Cupcakes & Mini Loving Huts!! 😉 *Etc, Etc!!*

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