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Three course Christmas meal

I am a bit of a fan of the chain of cafes called Le Pain Quotidien. They are not a vegan company but they do have an impressive range of permanent dishes suitable for plant eaters on their menu. I often pop in to my local LPQ for the creamy cashew butter parfait and a vegan muffin.

As you might recall, I recently hosted a vegan baking class at the LPQ location in Borough. It was a runaway success, with the available spaces booking out in record time and attendees singing LPQ‘s praises across social media.

My favourite thing to come out of my partnership with LPQ was the sneak peek they gave me of their tasty-sounding vegan Christmas menu. Yep. That’s right. A London-wide chain of non-vegan cafes has a dedicated three-course dinner for vegans in the month leading up to Christmas.

Check it out below.vegan xmas lpq

As you can see, the food on the vegan Christmas menu sounds lovely.

LPQ is just what you need when your office party or non-vegan friends insist on carrying on with the tradition of a get-together meal for Christmas. The cafe does have a non-vegan Christmas menu for the less compassionate amongst your group but you will not be stuck at the usual pub asking if the chips are cooked with the fish or arguing for the bacon to be taken out of your salad.

The vegan meal is available from November 26th until December 23rd, 2014.

You can visit LPQ online to find your nearest location and you can follow the chain on Twitter.


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  1. Hope they come to Leeds soon! 🙂

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