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Peanut chew

New vegan product alert. Well, new for this FGV anyway.

I love a good peanut product. Give me peanuts on their own, peanuts in a candy bar or even peanuts scattered across a Thai curry and I’m happy. Cram a whole bunch of them into a snack bar and I’m even happier.

20141008_151354Taste of Nature bars are made in Canada* and have started filtering through to UK stores.

You can check out all the varieties and flavours online. My Argentina Peanut Plains bar was super tasty and I’m tempted by some of the ‘exotic’ lines I’ve seen online.

Have you seen these bars in your local store? What did you think of them?

*This post originally and mistakenly reported these bars as being USA made. Ms Cupcake reached out via Twitter to correct me that they are Canadian. She also mentioned she sells them in her Brixton bakery.

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  1. Have you tried the macadamia and white chocolate Clif bar? It’s amazing.

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