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Learn to bake

I am proud to announce a collaborative event between Fat Gay Vegan (that’s me) and the exquisite Le Pain Quotidien. 

The age old traditions of eating well and enjoying life have been at the heart of Le Pain Quotidien since the start of their business. As my readers and event attendees know well, this outlook on life is one I wholeheartedly share. Anything non-vegans can have, vegans can have just as good if not better.

In a celebration of our shared love of quality ingredients and good eating, FGV and LPQ bring you a hands on baking event on Thursday October 23rd, 2014 from 6pm called The Art of Vegan Baking.

This exclusive food crafting session is limited to only 12 spaces and is set to be more than a regular baking class.

Guests will be welcomed by Fat Gay Vegan to the gorgeous LPQ Borough, just a few minutes walk from London Bridge Underground station. The entry price of £27 includes:

  • a welcome drink
  • sharing plate of LPQ vegan tartine
  • 2 hour hands-on class
  • make your own rustic walnut bread
  • make your own decadent vegan chocolate tart with fresh raspberries 
  • take home the recipes for these two items
  • take home the treats you have made yourself

DSC_0278As a non-vegan chain of eateries, LPQ is a company that spends time thinking about plant eaters and their menu is always packed with a selection of vegan items. Head into any of their locations to be met by a diverse range of vegan dishes, sandwiches, breakfast options and juices.

This special event is an exclusive, hands on cooking adventure led by LPQ head chef Didier Tayoro.

Didier Tayoro has been the UK’s pastry manager for LPQ since April 2013. Having graduated from Morlaas Haute Vue Pastry School in France, he moved to London in 2007 and took his first job as a kitchen assistant in the Marylebone High Street branch of Le Pain Quotidien. Wanting further experience, Didier then began working as a pastry chef for the Michelin starred Comptoir Gascon before his love of traveling took him to both New Zealand and the Caribbean to live and work. Upon his return to London, Didier was a freelance pastry chef for two years before stamping his pastry expertise on all things Le Pain Quotidien.

As I mentioned, this Art of Vegan Baking class is extremely limited in size. You will need to book quickly to secure one of the 12 places.

Email borough@lepainquotidien.co.uk to be a part of this food filled event.


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