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Vegan for miles

Just over a week ago I visited the Specialty & Fine Food Fair held in London Olympia and I am now only getting around to sharing photos of some of the fabulous vegan products I encountered.

I have included social media links for each company, so please feel free to reach out to them and let them know how keen you are to see their products in stores. Some of the products are even available to order online so make sure you do some investigating.

Here we go.

rioRio – A Taste of Brazil cooking sauces – FacebookTwitter

apple butter speculoos

Bekaert’s biscuit butter & apple butter – FacebookTwitter – my blog post

doisy dom

Doisy & Dam chocolate – FacebookTwitter

truly simple puree truly simple sauces

Truly Simple Foods sauces & purees – FacebookTwitter

granny cool marmalades

Granny Cool Preserves – FacebookTwitter

rebel kitchen

Rebel Kitchen mylks – FacebookTwitter

kan kun

Kankun Mexican sauces – FacebookTwitter


Bionita gnocchi – FacebookTwitter

popcorn kitchen

Popcorn Kitchen – FacebookTwitter

js raw

J’s Organic – FacebookTwitter


Vegesentials – FacebookTwitter


Cho gazpacho – FacebookTwitter


Chosan Wonja drink (hibiscus) – FacebookTwitter


Le Preziose – online

ten acres popcorn

Ten Acre popcorn – FacebookTwitter


Love Kombucha – FacebookTwitter


Fraccaro vegan croissants – online

vegana bottom ad

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  1. Looking good my friend 🙂

  2. It was great to meet you Sean, I just had a glance at your blog, it is great. Hope to join synergies with you in the near future 🙂

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