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Vegan chippy

An email tumbled into my inbox a few days ago heralding some wonderful news accompanied by an enticing photo.

What do you think? Have there ever been a finer collection of words?

sign vegan cheese chipsThis photo was kindly sent to me by Anthony, a regular at my supper clubs and food events around London.

Anthony told me he believed he had discovered culinary heaven by walking into this fast food outlet in Coventry, UK. The restaurant served vegan meat pizzas, vegan chicken kebabs, vegan doner kebabs and vegan cheesy chips (see above).

This wonderful news got me thinking. Surely there are countless takeaway food cafes around the country serving vegan chips? I mean properly vegan chips. Chips that aren’t fried in shared oil and haven’t be reconstituted with animal fat.

Do you have a chippy in your neck of the woods that caters to vegans? Tell me all about it in the comments. I’m seriously considering a vegan chippy tour of the UK.

By the way, the chippy in Coventry can be found here on Facebook. Be warned that by visiting their page you will also see images of animal products.

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  1. Grove Cafe in Leeds http://www.grove-cafe.co.uk/ have vegan curries and pizzas, very tasty 🙂

  2. Here in Sheffield there’s a chippy called New Cod on the Block in Crookes, who serve vegan chips as well as vegan battered sausages, chicken nuggets, burgers & curry sauce, it’s beyond incredible & cheap too! ^-^

  3. The Auld Hoose pub in St Leonard’s in Edinburgh serves excellent vegan cheesy chips 🙂

  4. In Brighton the chip hut next to the crazy golf by Palace Pier cook chips separately as do the chip shop on the seafront on the corner of Ship Street. (As always you may want to double check things haven’t changed before you order.)

  5. Barnacles Chippy Llandudno has a vegan and gluten free menu.

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