Cakes ‘n’ Treats Camden

Even before it opened I received emails from readers asking if I had information about the vegan business Cakes ‘n’ Treats based in Camden, specifically about the rumours of it being linked to individuals with far-right and fascist leanings and ideologies.

In response to this overwhelming interest in the topic (I still receive multiple emails about it each month), I am sharing two links which I feel give an insight that readers might find informative.

The first link leads to an interview with the business owner and showcases her response to accusations that she associates with fascists.

Vegan cake shop owner insists neo-Nazi accusations are ‘mistaken’ – Paul Wright for Ham & High newspaper

The second link is an investigative response to the allegations, published by the online arm of Vice magazine.

Are neo-Nazis running a vegan cake shop in London? – James Poulter for Vice

Please note these links are being shared on my blog due to the overwhelming interest in the topic and the requests for information I have received from my readers.

In the interest of open debate and free speech, the comment section of this post is to remain open. It will be monitored for comments that do not adhere to UK libel laws. As the owner of this blog, I will exercise sole discretion when it comes to deciding which comments are to be allowed and which will be deleted.

If you have concerns that any comments remaining are libellous in nature, please contact me and I will review.


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  1. Antifa? Pro Muslim thugs. Violently anti-semitic. Extreme left wing hate gays as much as the extreme right wing. Both should be avoided.

    • Local anti-fascist group reveals gang of openly anti-semitic and homophobic violent neo-nazis. Anti-fascists are called anti-semitic and homophobic..

  2. As an anti fascist I guess I’m both a self hating Jew and a homophobic bisexual….alright then….

  3. […] by name, it is evident it is referring to the Cakes ‘n’ Treat owner following recent coverage of the […]

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