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I get emails every day from people wanting information about where to eat/shop/visit and as much as I love to help, there is only one FGV to go around.

So I hatched a plan.

I decided to create a space on my blog where anyone could register and share information about their favourite vegan topics.  I wanted to make it possible for visitors to my blog to have as much useful information as possible at their fingertips.

That’s why you can now be a part of FGV Forum.

The FGV Forum has areas for users to share info on topics such as:

  • best places to eat around the UK, Europe and the world
  • vegan deals in UK supermarkets
  • vegan alcohol brands
  • recipes
  • demonstrations and petitions

In addition, there is a place for users to introduce themselves and chat about any topics related to veganism.

The FGV Forum is brand new and will probably experience a few teething problems. For instance, Hotmail email addresses are experiencing sign up difficulties but this problem is being worked on.

I would be delighted if you could assist me in making it an important hub for new and longtime vegans alike. The more information we all post, the more valuable the forum becomes.

Head on over to the FGV Forum now and get posting!

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  1. I think if it says “Kentucky straight Bourbon (or rye or corn) whiskey” on the label it is always vegan.Also “straight apple Brandy” from my understanding of the federal law and regulations here in the US.

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