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Something interesting arrived to my inbox this morning and has given me an idea. Let’s be sneaky vegans and raise awareness of vegan cheese.

Here is the lowdown:

The Grocer is an industry magazine for people working in the grocery sector. It features sales news, product launch details, information about company acquisitions and so on. Not incredibly interesting topics unless you own a supermarket or a product you want to see stocked by a supermarket.

But something is being written about that we could have a hand in.

The Grocer is planning a feature that will profile 10 cheeses and are looking for readers of the magazine and website to put forward nominations.

You know where I am going with this, right?

Let’s get at least one vegan cheese onto that list. Supermarket and grocery professionals need to know that many people across the UK are interested in plant based cheeses.

If everybody reading this took a minute to email a suggestion through, the magazine would get the message that we are serious about our cheese. Visit this page for an outline of how to nominate your favourite vegan cheese.

Nominations close August 8, 2014.

Vegan cheese for president!


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  1. Hi FGV just to let you know the link is kapput.

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