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All the photos

You love the blog posts packed with photos, right? Less of the talking, more of the displaying tasty vegan treats.

Because I love you, here is a run through of the highlights from my trip to the V Delicious/Allergy and FreeFrom Show in London today.

The show runs for another two days at London Olympia and there are free tickets to be had all over the Internet. Go to your favourite search engine and you will find free tickets everywhere.

OK. Check out the photos below. Anything you like? Did I miss something?

will tuck box animal aid ms cupcake ruby viva BB anandas soft sage rebel kitchen goody good stuff brownins coco collab nakd bfree pudology smooze marshmallow dip walden syrups amys noodles amys sandwich mozzarisella vegusto ten acre inspiral trina

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Excellent! : )

  2. I think you have most areas covered! Did you try the 9bar Indulge they were sampling on the Vegetarian Society stall (four varieties on the 9bar stand as well as the usual varieties – just beware as half their other range contains honey)? And the Vivani stall had some interesting bars including dark nougat, white nougat crisp & almond-orange rice milk (a lot of manufacturers are avoiding nuts nowadays for allergy reasons).

    I have rolled home thinking I’ve eaten too much vegan chocolate (not a phrase I thought I’d ever type) – must be the heat!


    PS They were sampling it on the Alpro stall today but have you tried their new lemon & lime large yoghurt tubs? Really delightful – light & tangy, almost a moussey texture & will go well with crushed ginger nuts (ie like a cheesecake) & or coco powder/choc.

  3. I was thinking to pop in just to get hold of those Cheese and Onion crisps, but I’ve seen a lot here which I wouldn’t mind trying ! thanks!

  4. Did you get to try that Amy’s Breakfast Sandwich?

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