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Sweet tooth

It’s a determined trickle in London. Slowly, but surely. Vegan food is taking a foothold as more and more compassionate people take chances on creating and selling plant-based foods. One such vendor is vegan baker Giancarlo Roncato.

A trained chef who decided to swap the animal based ingredients out of all his food, Giancarlo can now be found plying his wares on market stalls around London. Josh and I paid a visit to his Chatsworth Road operation a few weekends back and were delighted not only by the choice on offer from Giancarlo, but also the vegan-friendly vibe of the entire market.

So, what does Giancarlo and his Vegan Sweet Tooth bakery offer? Check it out below.

aubergine choc prunes morti pissaladerieshortbread stall tartlettes tarts torte zebra


polenta cake

My favourite was the pan dei morti. Tasty!

Vegan Sweet Tooth can be found at a number of markets around London. I know Giancarlo told me he is often at Greenwich and can sometimes be found in Portobello Road and Shoreditch.

The best way to find out where he is on any given day is to like his Facebook page. Giancarlo assured me this is where the most up to date info is posted.

Grab your Travelcard and get eating!


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