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Good cheap eats

Here is a grand, sweeping statement for you.

Out of all the food outlets I have written about over the years, the following is close to being the best value for money in London. Oh, it also serves incredibly delicious food.

Walking inside the Boiler House of Brick Lane on a weekend day is like stumbling across the key to eternal happiness. Not only will you find the gorgeous cakes of Essential Vegan (see here), you will also be faced with two Ethiopian food stalls that are 100% vegan. How awesome is that?

The following recommendation is for Yemama Gojjo, although everyone tells me the other Ethiopian food stall is just as delicious.

Check it out below. The photos are guaranteed to make you hotfoot it to this weekend food court as soon as possible and with a plate of food costing approximately £5, it is one of the best value meals in the city.

Eat there soon!

plate selection stall

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  1. That plate of food looks so good!


  3. Pro tip: prices reduce as they approach closing time, go there at the end of the day and you can get the full meal for as little as 2.50

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