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New vegan business

My friend Jess wrote to me a few days back to let me know about a new vegan business that has popped up in central London.

I won’t get a chance to get along to their opening but thought it would be an idea to spread the word in case you can make it. It sounds lovely.

So, what is the scoop?


LabOrganic Opening Party this Sunday!

This all day event will take place at the brand new store in central London (58 Neal street, London WC2H 9PA) from 10am – 6pm on Sunday 19th January 2014.

Visit on the day to try a large selection of unique and delicious cold-pressed organic juices, superfood blends, mylks, health boosters, salads, raw snacks & much more.

You will meet many like-minded healthy Londoners and hear from the LabOrganic founders about the upcoming news & events at 4pm.

Above is the official word from the company. I reached out to them via Twitter and they confirmed that everything they sell is vegan and gluten-free. I am intrigued.

Report back here if you make it down to the opening.

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  1. Thanks Sean! I’ll tell you all about it, with photos, soon! 🙂 See you soon, Jess 🙂 x

  2. Didn’t do it for me, I’m afraid. I had hoped for something along the lines of Organic Avenue in New York, i.e. fridges bursting with salads, juices, mylks, raw desserts and the option to have juices made fresh. I only saw three types of salad (quite boring as well) and bottled juices/mylks. In fairness the juices and mylks were lovely but not exactly ground breaking and quite expensive for what they were — and I am someone who’s happy to spend money on exciting vegan food. The snacks/bars were the usual ones you get in Wholefoods/Planet Organic or any decent independent wholefood store. Sorry, but there are better vegan/healthy options nearby for me.
    On a different note though, after that we moved on to the new Vantra for lunch. Very very tasty and seats more comfy than at the old VitaO location.

  3. Hi Sean, 🙂
    Little amendment; I should have said they’re Vegan ‘Friendly!’ Everything is Vegan, apart from, as I noticed on the Launch Day & pointed out to Sofia (and she thanked me for this) the Bee Pollen in just one of the Juices, Green Power Blend. The business didn’t start out as Vegan, her emphasis is Health, Organic, Raw & Gluten Free, but she soon realized Vegan was the way to go! They work with Nutritionists & local farmers. Their products are designed to appeal to everyone, Vegan/Veggie or not Vegan/Veggie i.e. here’s something healthy to help with i.e a hangover or all that meat consumption! It was a lovely day; about 14 made it down who’d RSVP’d on Meet Up! 🙂 Photos soon! All the best, Jess 🙂 x

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