Chip shop glory


There is good news and there is great news. London, you just got some bloody fantastic news.

If you grew up in this country and you weren’t always vegan, chances are you frequented a fish and chip shop. As your personal understanding of animal cruelty grew, your trips to the local chip shop probably became further apart or they ended abruptly.

So, what would you say to being able to relive childhood memories of chip shop visits while upholding your current vegan beliefs?

If you like the sound of that offer, get down to Bethnal Green!

Wednesdays are now Chip Shop Wednesdays at The Gallery Café on Old Ford Road. The cafe will be selling a specially designed dish they are calling ‘tofish and chips’ once a week on Wednesday from 5pm (apart from the final Wednesday of each month which is a different event). The tasty-sounding meal comes with one side for £7.50.

I plan on getting my hands on some vegan fish and chips at The Gallery Café as soon as possible. Watch this space!

The Gallery Cafe on Old Ford Road

The Gallery Cafe on Old Ford Road

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  1. The chip shop night will now be on Thursdays, every single Thursday!

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