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Choc orange delight

When I handed out my Day of the Dead vegan supper club goodie bags, one of the items that got a lot of attention and murmurs of appreciation was the Chocolate Orange Pud cups from vegan dessert experts Pudology.

As you might know from an old post of mine, the Pudology cups are filled with smooth, sweet and irresistible gluten free pudding. They can be purchased online from grocery retailers in either chocolate, strawberry, lemon or banoffee flavours and are starting to become more widely available in high street supermarkets, too.

You know all this. Why am I droning on about puddings that you have seen and tasted?

I am simply giving you a refresher course so when I give you my opinion on the new Pudology flavour, you can skip quickly to the part where you run to buy your own pack.

The Chocolate Orange Pud is delicious. It is dense, creamy and decadent. The orange is perfectly balanced with the choc. The pudding pots come in packs of two and I don’t know if I will ever be able to show enough restraint to eat just one and save one for later. They are too lovely.

Chocolate Orange Pudding

Chocolate Orange Pudding

The Chocolate Orange Pud cups are currently exclusive to Sainsbury’s but I have been assured by Pudology that we will start seeing them popping up in independent health food stores in the new year.


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