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So fresh and so clean

Before we move forward, we often have to look to the past, so I wanna ask you to cast your mind back to one of my most controversial posts.

My article about The Gallery Cafe in Bethnal Green is infamous. People still talk to me about it and the content divides many vegans. Heck, somebody even referenced it recently in an article about why vegans should feel comfortable eating oysters and mussels! It is the blog post that won’t go away.

Read the original post here if you like, but in a nutshell I questioned why The Gallery Cafe fried their vegan burger in the same oil as halloumi and if this was a compromise of the vegan status of the food.

The management of The Gallery Cafe responded to my concerns with speedy respect and now their kitchen employs separate cooking stations in order to avoid cross-contamination between vegan and non-vegan ingredients. I think this was a wonderful show of dedication to food transparency.

As I am hosting London Vegan Beer Fest in St. Margaret’s House behind The Gallery Cafe in a few weeks time, I have been eating the burger again on a regular basis during business visits. During my visit this week, I was delighted to be told the eatery has just been accredited with a level 5 food hygiene rating by the Food Standards Agency.

Vegan burger & chips... no halloumi!

Vegan burger & chips… no halloumi!

This is the highest rating given by the Food Standards Agency in relation to food handling, preparation and storage.

No halloumi oil in my vegan burger and a level 5 rating means I will be eating delicious vegan burgers with chips and drinking vegan cider at The Gallery Cafe for many years to come.

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  1. Trouble is they’ve ruined their vegan burger! I used to go and get the burger and was able to add all the extras if I wanted (‘bacon’, cheese, jalapenos and more, which I’ve forgotten now). I went a few weeks ago and was told they no longer do that as it was too complicated so you just pay X price and get the burger with whatever was on it (none of those things as far as I could see! I guess this isn’t really what your post is about, I was just curious if you’d noticed the same.

    • I never knew they did extras. I always just ordered a vegan burger and got what I was given. Sorry to hear they have changed it on you.

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