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Totally Lush!

Thinking about attending London Vegan Potluck this July 3rd but need another reason? I have got a good one!

The wonderful management and staff of Lush South Molton Street are coming along to pamper and treat potluck attendees with lip balm and cruelty-free make up demonstrations. Attendees can chat with the Lush experts as they try some of the finest vegan personal products on the market.

But’s that’s not all. Of course there is a prize on offer.

Attend London Vegan Potluck, have a chat with the Lush crew, sign up to their email list and you will instantly be in the draw for a fabulous prize to be given away on the night.

And what a prize it is!

For the prize they’ve put together Veganese hair conditioner, None Of Your Beeswax lip balm, Happy Hippy shower gel, Ro’s Argan body conditioner, Confident & Strong liquid lipsticks and Dynamic liquid eye colour all tied together in one of their vintage knotwrap scarves. The total value of the prize is over £65!

Lush prize indeed!

Lush prize indeed!

I asked store manager Tasha to explain why it was important for Lush to be a part of London Vegan Potluck. Here is what she had to say:

“We’re really excited to attend London Vegan Potluck because compassion for animals and fighting animal testing in the cosmetics industry is one of Lush‘s founding values and we’re keen to meet more people from the London vegan community to discuss our animal welfare campaigns. Our team at Lush South Molton Street is mostly vegan or vegetarian and we’re looking forward to demonstrating some of our most popular vegan products at the event, particularly our lip balm & cruelty free makeup which we know from experience is sometimes difficult to find. Over 80% of our product range is vegan so we’re also happy to do skincare & haircare consultations with potluck attendees and then recommend some vegan products to try in our South Molton Street store.”

How wonderful! Make sure you RSVP to London Vegan Potluck this July. Not only will you be able to eat and share delicious vegan food, you will also have the opportunity to see some cruelty-free body products up close and personal.

You might even be the person to walk away with that amazing prize!

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  1. I had never heard of this event when I lived in London, so wish I had! It sounds fab!

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