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Here’s the Scoop

*A reader says Scoop advised chocolate is not vegan. They told me it was. Any other feedback?*

*UPDATE – OK. I just got an update from Scoops via Twitter. The brand of chocolate is Callebaut and the product they use is made from vegan ingredients (cocoa, cocoa butter, sugar, natural emulsifier, soya lecithin) and is labelled ‘may contain traces of milk’ as it is made in a factory with milk chocolate.*

Late night, tipsy walking around Soho can reveal special joys. Hidden surprises spring up but often disappear again as the fog of cider clear from your head the following day.

However, I experienced a glorious and accidental discovery last night I am certain will be etched into my memory forever. No amount of cider (mixed with wine and beer) could wash the wonderful thoughts away.

People. Hold onto you seats. Kip and I discovered hot, fresh vegan churros accompanied by hot, melted chocolate in a gelato store in Soho, London.

What a find!

What a find!

Delicious, vegan churros

Delicious, vegan churros

I won’t waste your time with witticisms and queen of the world retorts. I understand you are probably walking toward the door right this second, thinking of the quickest route to Soho.

Here are the details:

Scoop is located at 53 Brewer Street, Soho. They are open seven days a week from midday until 11:30pm. The store carries a wide range of vegan sorbets with the flavour list including lemon, strawberry, raspberry, fruits of the forest, mango, passion fruit, melon, pineapple, lime, peach, pear, orange, banana, mandarin, kiwi and green apple.

The churros are advertised as sugar free but quickly become sugar-drenched when you are offered sugar, cinnamon and melted chocolate. Unless you say no to the toppings. If you are that person, please stop reading my blog.

Anyway, why are you still reading this? Get to Scoop for vegan churros now!

Visit Scoop online

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Hurrah for vegan churros!

  2. Oh.My. GOD… Is it bad I’m licking the photo?

  3. I thought churros were vegan anyway? I’ve only ever used this recipe http://allrecipes.com/recipe/churros/ but I guess a lot of places will fry them in the same oil as other stuff :S

  4. Oh my gosh! Thanks so much for sharing this. I need to go there immediately

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  6. Not sure whether it’s changed since you were there or not, but last week Scoop told me that the chocolate isn’t vegan. The churros themselves are suitable, but like other places the sauce isn’t. You might want to check when next there.

  7. The chocolate they use may well be vegan, but is the sauce itself just melted chocolate? I was told they add milk to it – they told @M_tohappyvegans the same thing yesterday. It’s possible that each staff member makes it differently.

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