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Never enough: the final chapter

Like all good love affairs, my recent dalliance with vegan snack across the USA had to end.

I’m sure it wasn’t the reality, but my memory leads me to believe I ate from the time I set foot on San Franciscan soil to the moment they rolled me onto a London-bound plane departing Philadelphia. Readers based in the US know how readily-available vegan junk food is and my chubby hands were rarely empty.

Following are a collection of photos documenting my final days of vegan vacation snacking. These pictures, together with the previous posts, detail the food adventures Josh and I experienced throughout San Francisco, Oakland, Mendocino, Bend, Portland, New York City and Philadelphia.

Enjoy the visuals!

annies maple

Annie’s organic smoky maple BBQ sauce


Sweet & Sara rocky road bark

pb smores

Sweet & Sara peanut butter smores

daiya pizza

Daiya fire-roasted vegetable pizza

donut NYC

Vanilla crème brûlée donut made with Maker’s Mark bourbon by                   The Cinnamon Snail

eb spread

Earth Balance roasted garlic & herb spread

lemo ginger drink

Lemon ginger spiced drink by Prometheus Springs

mint galactica

Mint Galactica by Coconut Bliss

pulled shreds

Gardein BBQ pulled shreds

rescue choc

Fakin’ Bacon Rescue Chocolate bought at Moo Shoes NYC

salted caramel

Salted caramel & chocolate by Coconut Bliss

tofu pups

Tofu Pups by Lightlife


Nasoya super firm tofu

turtle trails

So Delicious Turtle Trails made with coconut milk

Upton’s chorizo seitan

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  1. Stop it, you’re making us all hungry!

  2. LOL, tofu pups that’s a blast from the past.

  3. I love So Delicious Coconut Milk ice cream!

  4. Made me very hungry!

  5. How were the Gardein BBQ shreds? I’m excited to try them!

  6. Yay Gardein!

    • I wish I could get it over here in the UK. We need it!

  7. I’m going to NY in two weeks, can I find the chorizo seitan and the BBQ sauce there? If so where? Whole foods/trader joes? Thanks!

    • Whole Foods will definitely be your best chance!

  8. Oh wow! My favorite flavors of Coconut Bliss! YUM!
    How was the donut from The Cinnamon Snail? Did you get a chance to go to Dun-Well while you were out here in NYC?

    • The Cinnamon Snail was fantastic. Everything was stunning including my Korean BBQ seitan with kimchi sandwich!

      Didn’t make Dun-Well this trip but I have in the past. I even have a blog entry about them.


      • Great post on Dun-Well!! They’re just awesome.

        Isn’t the Korean BBQ sandwich great? The husband was so sweet in bringing one home for me on Monday. BTW, just did a fun vegan donut workshop with Adam from The Cinnamon Snail right before VVC!

        So glad you had a lovely trip!

  9. Did you go to the Millennium restaurant in San Francisco? The best vegan cuisine in the world!

    • Not on this trip but I have been a few times in the past. It is lovely.

  10. So glad you had a nice visit and enjoyed the whirlwind of vegan treats here. It was great to see you again!

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