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If you missed out on September’s London Vegan Potluck, I am sorry to say you also missed out on one of the best vegan dessert products to ever be available in the UK. But don’t be too sad… Pudology tubs are spreading across the country like wildfire.

Dairy-free desserts are becoming increasingly common, but not much of the market can claim to be anywhere near as delicious as these creations. Pudology make their mouthwatering puds in chocolate, strawberry and banoffee flavours.

My personal favourite is the chocolate. You know when something is sweet, creamy, smooth and irresistible all at the same time? Enough said. When Pudology samples were available at the potluck, the banoffee flew off the shelves and many attendees were singing some fairly extravagant praises for the dessert.

FGV eating Pudology

Delicious vegan desserts

Grab some of these vegan and gluten free wonders today from Goodness Direct and Selfridges.

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Many thanks to Cookie Von Stir for the photos
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  1. […] you might know from an old post of mine, the Pudology cups are filled with smooth, sweet and irresistible gluten free pudding. […]

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