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And you’re welcome to my soul

Are you passionate about independent music and the protection of animals? Well, you are going to love this news!

Martin Rossiter is a singer/songwriter of the highest calibre and I personally have been a huge fan of his music for more years than I can recall. He first nabbed my heart and mind as the lead singer of the glorious band Gene and it has been complete adoration ever since.

Martin Rossiter at The Garage, London September 2011

Martin has a unique voice that is capable of the most angelic, soulful croons as well as searing, rumbling growls of angst. His lyrics are intelligent and he delivers them with poise, control and a healthy dose of passion.  You can tell I’m a fan, right?

It has been a long time since Martin has been a part of an official music release (Gene’s final studio album was released during 2001) so serious music fans are seriously excited by the news of an impending solo album release.

For this new record, Martin is venturing into the scary, exciting and rewarding waters of an independent release. He is using the online storefront Pledge Music to sell his songs to his audience. As of 1pm (UK time) on Tuesday August 28, 2012 anyone from anywhere in the world will be able to log on and buy all of Martin’s new material as well as a whole host of tantalising items. Goodies include sheet music for the album, t-shirts, live tracks from Martin’s first ever solo gig as well as a vinyl version of the new album.

But the news gets better still!

Martin is also an incredibly vocal supporter of non-human animals. His Twitter feed is always brimming with links supporting news, views and campaigns dedicated to improving outcomes for all creatures. Martin is taking this commitment to animals a step further by donating a portion of funds raised through his Pledge Music venture to the wonderful organisation known as League Against Cruel Sports.

Go to the album launch page on Facebook and RSVP. Visit Pledge Music this Tuesday and buy the album (and some other treats). Then sit back, relax and enjoy your fabulous new musical purchases safe in the knowledge you have just supported a world-class entertainer AND contributed financially to the wellbeing of animals.

Is this the perfect time to use the well-worn expression ‘win-win’? Indeed.

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